About The Major Larry J. Bauguess, Jr. Scholarships

Major Larry J. Bauguess Jr. Scholarship Recipients


2023 Norah Whitney Webster - Elon University

2023 JT Anderson - High Point University


2022 Caitlyn Ruth Summers - Wilkes Community College

2022 Blake Hayes - Coastal Carolina University


2021 MaryAnna Bailey - Wake Forest University

2021 Jonas Scott - Appalachian State University


2020 Virginia Lainey Horton - UNC Charlotte

2020 Harley Tanner Minton - Western Carolina


2019 Reagan Hailey - UNC Greensboro

2019 Thompson Duncan - UNC Chapel Hill


2018 Avery Van Noy - University of Mississippi

2018 Garrett Blackburn - Liberty University


2017 Jessica Greene 

2017 Daniel Vimont 


2016 Mackenzie Duncan - Liberty University  

2016 Hunter Jordan - NC State University      


2015 Madison Andrews - UNC Chapel Hill      

2015 James Carlton - Montreat College          


2014 Ellen Marie Cleary - Meredith College     

2014 Marc Anderson - Word of Life Institute: Hungary


2013 Victoria Andreski - Clemson University   

2013 Chris Hamby - East Carolina University  


2012 Shristi Tiwari - UNC Chapel Hill .            

2012 Keith Anderson - Wilkes Community College


2011 Daniel Brooks - NC School of the Arts    

2011 Brittney Tharpe - Wake Forest University


2010 Chelsea Abernethy - Appalachian State

2010 Neal Smith - UNC Chapel Hill                


2009 Alice Frutis - Appalachian State .           

2009 Matthew Abernethy - Appalachian State

Applications for the 2022 Major Larry J. Bauguess, Jr. Memorial Scholarships will begin soon. Please contact the guidance office of Wilkes Central High School for forms or for more details.


2009 was the first year that one female and one male student from Wilkes Central Senior High School were awarded $1,000 scholarships in honor of Major Larry J. Bauguess, Jr. Thus far, $26,000 in scholarships have been awarded to graduating seniors.


These scholarships were created to encourage students to develop leadership skills that Larry embodied, as well as rewarding positive attitudes in our young people. Every single recipient presented themselves as extraordinary young people with strong grade-point averages and powerful leadership in extra-curricular activities.


To qualify for the Major Larry J. Bauguess, Jr. Memorial Scholarships, deserving students must, above all, exhibit the core character traits which were embodied by Major Bauguess and that are encouraged in all of our students by the Wilkes County School System: Responsibility, Respect, Self-Discipline, Kindness, Good Judgment, Perseverance, Courage, and Integrity. A short essay about a time in their life when they have relied on, or exhibited, one of the above traits is an important requirement for this scholarship.


These scholarships are part of the core mission of Major Larry J Bauguess, Jr. Memorial Fund, and why we raise funds to eventrually establish an endowment that can provide this service to the youth of Wilkes County in perpetuity in memory of Major Larry John Bauguess, Jr.